About our company

"SAVA MAJA" Ltd. offers quick and qualitative construction of houses using panels and modules, which are produced in the factory according to modern technology of producing. Wall panels and other house elements are prefabricated in the workshop, and then erected at the construction site of different degree of readiness depending on technology of provided montage.

"SAVA MAJA" Ltd. offers the optimal and modern solutions in the construction of private house. You can choose the likely dwelling from our diverse exposure of made-up projects, although we also offer the chance to design the house exactly according to your needs and chances.

Using the construction service of "SAVA MAJA" Ltd. you will get:

  • - Guaranty to have safely and qualitatively fulfilled construction works;
  • - Using of modern and ecological (environmentally friendly) construction materials;
  • - Work execution according to fixed time limits;
  • - Varied approaches and competence;
  • - Using of up to date technologies in construction;
  • - Competitive prices and economy.